Connected Enterprise

Vin Finder


The Challenge

  • Thousands of cars coming out of the car manufacturing plants (General Motors and Chrysler) are located in massive parking lots while logistics department defines where each unit will be delivered.
  • Identify exactly where are located each of those vehicles in that massive parking lot it isn’t easy and is a highly time consuming task for the people that will deliver those units to the vehicles transportation provider that can’t wait in the line for so long.
  • When inspecting the vehicles on the parking lot they have to report any damage to update the status unit.
  • If the vehicle is relocated, the parking lot controller needs to know where that unit is now.
  • It is all about saving time and money and make a more efficient and productive supply chain process for the car maker company

The Solution

  • A vehicle system location tracking on a large parking lot, control based on geolocation technology
  • Provides historical vehicle information:
    • Vehicle Technical Data
    • Vehicle Defects
    • Logistics Tracking information
  • Simple Efficient Architecture
    • Smartphone App
      • Collects Vehicle Status
      • Collects Vehicle Damage
      • Collects Vehicle Precise Location
      • Scanning VIN Vehicle number
    • IoT Cloud Platform
      • Storage Information
      • Real Time Information Access
    • Improves Vehicle Inspection Process
    • Improves Vehicle Damage Attention
    • Reduce significantly Vehicle Location for Delivery
    • Accurate Vehicle Inventory