Telecom Services

Ericsson AXE Platform

At itelteq, we have been supporting, maintaining and extending the Ericsson AXE Platform for years

For the Ericsson AXE Platform we offer Application Maintenance, Application Modernization, Application Integration, Application Support and our Dedicated Development Team services for both, fixed and mobile networks on this platform. 

Software Development for TELECOM Platforms

At itelteq, our Software Factory is certified with CMMI and SCRUM for Agile framework

Whether its required Software Engineering, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, System Integration, Technology Consulting or Software support you need, we’ve always got you covered.

Application and Platform Integration

Mapping and Orchestration of the Enterprise with the best SOA and MOA practices

When it is necessary to integrate your Legacy Platform with other applications or platforms to collaborate and exchange information and transactions, itelteq creates the WEB services and APIs you need so your Legacy Platform integrates in real time with any other platform or local application, with customers, suppliers and third parties.

Application Maintenance and Support

At itelteq we support and maintain your Application during its entire lifetime

Defects, 3rd-party integration and infrastructure-related changes, performance issues, design errors and new requirements, stipulated by the ever evolving real-world environment,- we take care of all these things as part of itelteq Application Life Cycle Management services we offer to TELECOM organizations.

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Teams to implement a Project or Extend Your In-House Team

Providing highly qualified and affordable Dedicated Teams for Project-Based Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation purposes has been one of itelteq‘s core service offerings and competences since our company’s inception. Software Developers, Business Analyst, Project Managers, QA Engineers and Testers and Application Architects can collaborate with your team on site or from our Service Delivery Centers.