Quality Assurance Services

Integration Testing

We are experts on testing of units of code to verify interaction between various software components and detect interface defects. Progressively larger groups of tested software components corresponding to elements of the architectural design are integrated and tested until the application works as a system.

Test Automation

We automate the right test cases in order to increase test coverage, reduce costs, and speed up time to market for our customers applications.

Web Application Testing

We take care of every aspect of your Web Application testing like network, security, performance, availability, scalability, multi-browser compatibility, data integrity and live upgrades. All functional, performance, compatibility, usability and security testing for your Web Application.

Mobile Apps Testing

For your mobile app testing we cover all functionality, performance, compatibility, 3rd party interruptions and network connectivity aspects and include testing on different hardware devices and operating systems to guarantee the best user experience of your end users.

Embedded Devices Software Testing

At itelteq we have created a specialized team to test hardware and software for embedded applications on devices.

Telecom Applications/Protocols Testing

At itelteq we offer not just software testing for telecom companies but also testing for different protocols in the domains of VoIP, Wireless, Switching, and Routing, etc. We test the structure of packets using protocol testing tools.

Dedicated QA Team

Providing highly qualified and affordable Dedicated Teams for Quality Assurance and Software Testing Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation purposes has been one of itelteq’s core service offerings and competences since our company’s inception. Software Testers, QA Engineers can collaborate with your team on site or from our Service Delivery Centers. We can provide our QA tools and create the QA environment or work with your tools and QA environment.

Testing Lab as Customer Embassy

We can reserve private embassies with limited access for tests that require a high degree of confidentiality in hardware and software solutions. For these areas, only engineers responsible for quality assurance would have access.