Connected Enterprise

Cargo Connect

The Challenge

  • Connect a community of customers with cargo transportation needs with a community of cargo transportation providers to receive a service that streamlines the delivery process safely and at competitive prices.
  • To have a platform that allows customers to obtain proposals from several suppliers based on a request for transportation service that is contested by cargo service providers in a bidding scheme.
  • Increase the level of efficiency in the transportation process with faster delivery times, high quality, high security for cargo and drivers and more competitive costs.
  • To be able to do the programming of deliveries by zones, type of load and schedules.
  • It is required to have in real time the geographical location of drivers and shipments to minimize risks and increase security level for drivers and help locate at all time the shipments and be able to recover them quickly and safely in case of theft.

The Solution

  • Cargo Connect is a digital platform that allows to request and offer freight services to a prequalified customers and cargo services provider community.
  • Customers place a cargo service request in the Cargo Connect Portal and the freight owners can bid on that request for the customer select the best bidder or the one that fits their needs (regardless of the cost)
  • Cargo Connect saves time and money to customers and provides insights on the historical information transactions for both customers and fright owners
  • Customer can scheduled recurrent shipments by zone, type of load and specific delivery time
  • Customers can rate freight service quality
  • During the delivery process customers and freight owners can access in real time:
    • Driver and Shipment Tracking
    • Shipment Route
    • Estimated arrival time
    • Incident notification