Connected Enterprise


The Challenge

  • The increase in crime rates in different parts of the world in recent years has exposed people and their assets like personal vehicles and cargo transportation to a high risk.
  • It is required to implement a system that offers to know in real time the geographical location of drivers, passangers and their high value properties, to minimize high risk and increase security level for people and helps to locate at all time both their personal vehicles and the terrestrial transportation cargo to be able to:
    • Provide assistance to drivers and passengers in accidents
    • Recover stolen personal vehicles
    • Recover stolen cargo

The Solution

  • Automatic vehicle location system with GPS, Geo Analysys, event reporting, and integration of 15+ different device types all using UDP / NMEA183 and private protocols for communication
  • Our partner LSI has over 5000 devices connected to the platform reporting every minute, with different end users and different needs for each user.
  • Current GPS/GPRS/GSM MODEMS  integrated into the platform
  • Sky PATROL TT 850,TT850 N , GV300,500, TR80, GPS TRACKER
    • Vehicle Tracking
    • Listening in silence mode
    • Vehicle Remote immobilization
    • Vehicle Panic Button
    • Vehicle Geo fences
    • Analytics Reports
    • Smart Phone App.
    • Web Portal